Magnetometer: Quantum Design MPMS XL7

The modular MPMS design integrates a SQUID detection system, a precision temperature control unit residing in the bore of a high-field superconducting magnet, and a sophisticated computer operating system. Powerful software controls measurements, making data collection and analysis quick and easy. Easy-to-use software allows full automation of all system parameters.

Main characteristics:

  • Maximum Sample Size: 9 mm
  • Field Uniformity: 0.01% over 4 cm
  • Temperature Range: 1.9-400 K
  • Magnetic field: ± 7.0 Tesla

Location: Nanotalo, Room 170a

Magnetometer Booking

Contact person: Alexander Savin

Additional information


Quantum Design web page

Magnetometer photos

  • All users should make registration record in Log book before starting measurements.
  • The readings from He meter (in room 156a) before and after measurements should be written in the Log book (this information will be used for invoicing) =>