ULTI - Transnational Access to Research Infrastructure 2004-2008

(EU contract # RITA-CT-2003-505313)

The new ULTI visitors program has been approved in FP6 of the European Commision, under the auspices of Structuring-the-ERA program. During the time period of 1.4. 2004 - 31.3. 2008, this Ultra Low Temperature Installation, located in the Low Temperature Laboratory, will offer research and training opportunities for 92 person months in total. Citizens of all EU countries and of Bulgaria, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Norway and Romania are eligible to apply.

The object of the programme is to provide equipment, expertise, and training in studies on low temperature physics and/or quantum electron transport. Both in-house research projects and joint collaborations are carried out. Suggestions for new research initiatives are invited.

Versatile high quality equipment is available both in low temperature refrigeration and in preparation of nanosize samples. The low temperature techniques cover liquid 3He-4He dilution refrigeration and nuclear adiabatic demagnetization cooling, combined with high sensitivity measuring techniques. Modern electron beam lithography is available for sample preparation in nanoelectronics. The trained staff of the Laboratory will participate and assist in experiments and their analysis.

Applicants should provide us with the following information

  • The name and nationality of the applicant(s)
  • The group leader with contact information
  • The home institute and department of the group leader
  • The name of the proposed project and a short description 1-2 pages (A4)
  • The proposed duration of the visit

Candidates accepted by an International Selection Panel will be fully supported, including travelling expenses, by this contract for a maximum of 3 months (in exceptional circumstances for 4 months).

The application should be sent to the coordinator of the Large Scale Facility. The persons listed below will be happy to give additional information.

  • Prof. Mikko Paalanen, Coordinator of ULTI
  • Prof. Matti Krusius, Research Leader of ULTI

For information about the application procedure please contact:

  • Ms. Leena Meilahti, EU project secretary

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