Thermoelectric and electrothermal effects

We study the interplay between the electronic and thermal degrees of freedom in nanostructures, both at linear response and far away from it. The relevance of thermoelectrics in nanoelectronics is twofold: on one hand mesoscopic phenomena modify the known thermoelectric properties found in bulk metals or semiconductors, and on the other hand controlling the heat flow in nanostructures at low temperatures is of extreme importance. Examples of the effects we study include especially the totally new type of supercurrent-induced linear-response thermoelectric phenomena in superconducting proximity structures which we described first with a microscopic theory, the studies of different energy relaxation mechanisms connected to electronic degrees of freedom, and the properties of superconductor-insulator-normal metal refrigerators.

Our recent publications connected to the thermoelectric and electrothermal effects (to get the papers, follow the links in the Publications page):

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