KVANTTI-DRY, Cryostat with 10mK base temperature (room 154f)

General information

This dilution refrigerator was installed in 2012 in Room 154f, replacing a venerable DRI-420 Dilution Refrigerator System (S.H.E. Corporation). Although this fridge is retired, you might want to have a look at the Manual and at a few old pictures from or lab, KVANTTI cryostat photos.

Picture of Kvantti-Dry

The Kvantti-Dry dilution refrigerator is used for microwave-range measurements (4-8 GHz) on superconducting circuits (qubits and resonators).

Main characteristics

Kvantti-Dry is a BlueFors BF-LD250 series dilution refrigerator. It has the following cryogenic parameters:

  • Mixing chamber base temperature = 10 mK
  • Cooling power at 100 mK = 250 μW
  • Cooldown time to base temperature = 18 hours

The refrigerator uses a mechanically-decoupled pulse tube from Cryomech and an automated gas handling system.

You can see some pictures from the archive of the laboratory, New KVANTTI cryostat


The refrigerator is equiped with one microwave measuring line with isolators and a cryogenic amplifier with bandwith of 4-8 GHz. For details of capabilities, contact the Kvantti group.