Graphene journal club

This journal club brings together the people working on the properties of graphene in the Helsinki University of Technology and Nokia Research Center. The idea is to come together once a month, and have a few talks concentrating on important articles on graphene. Each session includes three talks, each 40 minutes long, with 5-minute breaks in between. In each session, there will be one talk (at least roughly) related to each of the following topics:

In some cases, the speaker can also talk on his/her own research. If desired, also more time can be reserved for such talks.

The meetings take place in a Micronova meeting room, typically at 14:15-16:30.


This schedule is still very tentative - the talks to be confirmed have been marked with an asterisk (*).

Time Materials talk Fundamentals Devices
6.6. 14:15 Jaakko Sormunen: Fabrication of graphene sheets Antti-Pekka Jauho: Coulomb drag in graphene Romain Danneau: Graphene p-n junctions and their "applications"
8.8. Tero Heikkilä: Elastic scattering in graphene and consequences on transport Pertti Hakonen: Shot noise in graphene: theory, practice, and first measurements Yvette Hancock: On the Edge with Nano Graphene
12.9. Eira Seppälä: Stability of 2D Graphene- Roughness and Rippling Pirjo Pasanen: Graphene meets Terahertz Karri Saloriutta: Ab-initio study of graphene nanoribbons
3.10. Merged with the November club - new date will be announced soon
7.11. Martti Puska/Asta Kärkkäinen Matti Laakso (*) *
5.12. * Mikko Paalanen (*) *

Talks from earlier graphene meetings

Talks from the first graphene meeting in Ruoholahti on 20.4.07: