Find below explanations for the export settings. All other settings can be left to the default value.

  • specify the export file name.
  • choose from the drop down menue (low right corner) VISTEC GPF

Check/Make two settings:

Here you change the resulution of your writing grid, the beam step size is automatically adjusted to the same value, when it was bigger. You can choose a smaller beam step size if you want. A good beam step size for high current (150nA) is 30 nm and a good current (1nA) for small features corresponds to a minimum step size of 1 nm

If you work with more than 1 Layer = beam current (i.e. big bonding pads with high beam current (150 nA) and small features with small current (1nA), you have to make the settings here manually for each exported layer: Set all writefield to the maximum extend possible, this ensures that your drawing is not centered (moved) by the software automatically