Closed; June 1st, 2009

Cryocourse 2009 Helsinki, September 7-18, Lammi and Helsinki

Accepted participants have been selected. Registering no more possible

Steps for making an application and getting registered:

1) Check your eligibility

- download the chart of criteria of eligibility and check your status
- If still in doubt, consult the "Handbook" or ask us
(young researchers from any country can apply, master's degree is obligatory at the time of the Event!)

2) Download and fill the application form

3) Make an electronic copy of your passport and of your university diploma

4) Send the filled registration form together with a short Curriculum Vitae as well as the copies of your passport and diploma as e-mail attachments to cryocourse2009 (mind the file size: preferably not over 1M)

5) The letter of support can be attached to the mail or sent separately with a clear indication to whose application it belongs to.

6) Within a few days you should receive a confirmation of your application

7) After the registration has been closed, the selection committee will choose the participants among the candidates according to the rules of the Marie Curie programme. Only total of 35 students can be accepted. All applicants will then be notified on acceptance/rejection.

To summarize: We need from you

- The filled application file

- Short CV

- Copy of your passport

- Copy of your university diploma

- Letter of support

Note! We prefer receiving the files in .pdf format. If you have trouble in creating pdf files or saving the filled registration form, you might try the freeware program TinyPDF (or any of the others that you may find) for that purpose.