Marie Curie Advanced Cryogenics Course

Series of Events 2007 - 2010, Conferences and Training Courses

The course will be held on September 7-18, 2009.

The lectures of this 12 day course will take place at the Lammi Biological Station, which is a University administered seminar facility about 120 km from Helsinki (we are not biologists, though). The practical training and most of the site visits are addressed around the Otaniemi area - the campus of Helsinki University of Technology and the location of the Low Temperature Laboratory. The participants will be carried between more distant locations by a dedicated bus service.

We advise you to arrive to Helsinki on Monday morning, September 7th, or on the previous day, in which case you will stay overnight at a nearby hotel "Kuninkaantie" at our expense. (Many of the participants actually chose to use the option to arrive early.) The hotel has been booked as a group reservation by us. We are identified there as the group "TKK/Cryocourse 2009". The roommates for the double rooms (here and in Lammi) can be checked from a downloadable document.

How to find to the hotel: There is a direct bus from the airport to the railway station at Espoon keskus (Center of Espoo). Remember to look at the Sunday schedule. The hotel is located some few hundred meters from the station. If you look at the route map (zoom to level 4 at the end of the route), the hotel is behind a few streets towards the north at Lakelankatu. It is called "Omnia" at he map, as it is also a Hotel school called by that name. An option to the direct bus is a route via the Helsinki central railway station. The connection by bus from the airport to Helsinki is more frequent, but then you must take a train to Espoon keskus. When checking in at the hotel you should mention the group identifier "TKK/Cryocourse 2009".

On Monday morning we can make a couple of transportations from the airport to Helsinki University of Technology. In order to organize this efficiently, we'll need to know your flight.

A bus will carry the participants to Lammi departing from Otaniemi at 12:30 on Monday. The bus will first drive to the hotel picking up the participants having arrived the day earlier. NOTE: You should check out from the hotel before taking the bus, as we shall return back to this place only one week later.

The first week of this Course will be stationed in Lammi, some 120 km away from Helsinki.

From Lammi we shall head to Woikoski helium liquefaction plant on Monday, September 14th. By evening the participants will be carried to hotel "Kuninkaantie" in Espoo, which serves as accommodation during the latter part of the Course. We'll check in as a group "TKK/Cryocourse 2009".

We'll organize a dedicated bus service daily from the hotel to Otaniemi in the morning, but you'll have to use public transportation (bus/train) to get back in the evening. We'll provide you with a ticket valid for any public route for five days all around the Helsinki area.

The Course will close on Friday, September 18th, but you have an option to stay one more night in Helsinki. Again, a small group transport will be directing to the airport on Friday. On Saturday you must find your own way to the airport, as it is impossible to synchronize everybody's travel back home.