Edwards Evaporator


General Information

  • Device: Edwards Thermal Evaporator
  • Contact Person: Matti Tomi
  • Location: Clean Room
  • Status: working
  • Available Crucibles: Aluminum, Chromium, Gold, Titanium, ...

Evaporator Blog

Here you find news about the state of the Edwards evaporator. Please update this blog whenever you make any changes to equipment, encounter problems, or anything else you would like all users to know.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I switch the evaporator but it tells me "POWER FAILURE". What did I do wrong?
    • Fortunately nothing. Just press the "reset" and then the "start" button and everything works just fine.
  • It stops pumping and tells me "ROUGHING FAILED"!?
    • The reason is a chip in the glass that leaks once in a while. Try venting the chamber and pumping it again. The liquid nitrogen helps the pump. If this doesn't work after the 3rd time clean and regrease the o-rings.
  • When should I turn off the cooling water?
    • After turning of the device it might be a good idea to leave it on for some 15-20 min until the diffusion pump has cooled down.


  • Schematic of the LT cabling is available here.