Cryostat uKI (room170a)

µKI Cryostat

Main characteristics

  • Nuclear stage base temperature: 50 µK (Option for cascade nuclear stages with as low as 100 pK nuclear spin temperature)
  • Hold time below 100 µK for over 1 month
  • Continuous base temperature 3 mK (dilution refrigerator)
  • Cooling power at 10 mK: 15 µW
  • Cooldown time to base temperature: about 1 week
  • He boiloff total 30 liters/day


Low temperature NMR

Capacitance and susceptibility measurements

SQUID measurements

Helium cells (pure 4He, pure 3He, isotope mixtures)

Location: Nanotalo, 170a, Cryohall

Contact person: Juha Tuoriniemi