Vision Systems Neuroscience: Journal Club

Idea and times of meetings

The idea of the journal club is to provide a forum for scientific discussion among the group members.

Autumn-Spring 2012-2013 the Journal club dates and presenters are:

30.11.2012 Viljami and Lauri

13.11.2012 Elyana and Silvia

27.11.2012 Hanna

11.12.2012 Simo

8.1.2013 Tuomas and Anna-Maria

22.1.2013 Fariba and Lauri

5.2.2013 Markku Kilpeläinen, University of Helsinki

19.2.2013 TBA

5.3.2013 Silvia and Elyana

19.3.2013 Video Lecture, Redwood center for theoretial neuroscience archives, What hemodynamics can and cannot tell us about neural activity in the brain.

2.4.2013 Ilmari Kurki, UCSB/UH

16.4.2013 Simo

30.4.2013 Sima and cookies (Mayday eve)

14.5.2013 Hanna and?

28.5.2013 TBA