AMIS seminar program

AMI scientific seminar (AMISS) is a monthly lecture & discussion at the AMI centre. It is intended to be a forum where AMI users share their experiences and have possibilities to get feedback about their work before submission. AMISS may contain more didactic lectures, e.g. about methodology, but also reviews on broader topics in systems neuroscience.

AMIS seminars are at the AMI centre seminar room, Otakaari 5I, Magnet house, 3rd floor. Seminars start at 13.00, typically on the second tuesday of the month. Often the date must be shifted according to lecturers' schedules.

AMISS 2006

21.3 METHOD: Sanna Malinen and Simo Vanni (BRU/LTL/TKK): Selection and application of block, event-related and multifocal designs.

11.4 NEWS:Mikko Viinikainen (LCE/TKK): On neural processing of emotional constituents.

16.5 NEWS:Kristiina Relander (Cognitive Brain Research Unit, Department of Psychology, University of Helsinki): Attention and semantic priming for spoken words.

1.9 METHOD: SPM driving school, organized by Vision group at BRU/AMI

5.9 NEWS: Martin Schürmann (BRU/LTL/TKK) and Marja-Liisa Halko (HU/Faculty of social sciences/Dept. economics): Neuroeconomics: brain activation during a modified ultimatum game.

10.10 NEWS: Miika Pihlaja (BRU/LTL/TKK) : Quantitative multifocal fMRI and surround modulation in human V1.

21.11 VIEWPOINT & NEWS: Riitta Hari & Sanna Malinen (BRU/LTL/TKK): Organized brain activity during resting state.

AMISS 2007

9.1 NEWS: Jaana Simola (BRU/LTL/TKK): The topology of attention in V1.

20.2 METHOD: Jussi Tohka (Senior researcher, Institute of Signal Processing, Tampere University of Technology): Automatic artifact reduction in fMRI using ICA and global decision trees.

20.3 NEWS: Linda Stenbacka (BRU/LTL/TKK): Top-down from dorsal stream: Saccades and blinks activate peripheral visual field representation in total darkness.

25.9. (at 13.15!) METHOD: Toni Auranen (LCE/TKK): Automatic fMRI-guided MEG multidipole localization with MCMC.

9.10. (at 13.15!) NEWS: Niina Salminen-Vaparanta and Valdas Noreika (Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Turku): Visual awareness - The effects of TMS stimulation over areas V1 and V2

13.11. (at 13.00) NEWS: Miiu Saarela (BRU/LTL/TKK): Brain responses to listening human footsteps

Talk categories

NEWS (Experimental paper), VIEWPOINT (Review), METHOD (methodological development)

In exceptional occasions, e.g. with a paper which is targeted to a journal with impact over 10, with established visiting speaker, or with a new method with patent pending, please suggest the following categories:

BREAKING NEWS (Experimental paper), THEORY (Review), STATE OF THE ART IN MRI (methodological development)